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The Özaktaç Textile offers a diverse range of home textile products that blend quality, comfort, and style. From bedding sets to towels and curtains, each product is thoughtfully crafted with premium materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

Özaktaç Textile features multiple brands such as Qumash, Tonilato,  Jolie, and Krone, each with its unique approach to design and color palettes.


With a focus on customer satisfaction, Özaktaç Textile provides an affordable solution for those looking to upgrade their home with trendy and high-quality textile products. Whether you are seeking vibrant and bold patterns or minimalist and understated designs, the Özaktaç Textile category has something for everyone.

Özaktaç Textile Impacts People's  Life

5 Different Brands

15 K + Products Sale Per Year

12 Different Concepts


Our Brands

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