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Mountain Bicycle

Mounty is a mountain bicycle brand that has been producing high-quality bicycles for adventure enthusiasts for years. They are designed for those who love to challenge themselves and explore the great outdoors. Mounty bikes are built to withstand the rough terrain and unpredictable conditions of mountainous regions, providing riders with an exceptional off-road experience. The brand's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has earned them a reputation for excellence in the industry. Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out, a Mounty bike is a reliable choice for your next mountain adventure.

Mounty brand mountain bikes are designed to tackle tough and rocky terrain with ease, thanks to their advanced features. With hydraulic disc brakes, riders can stop on a dime and maintain control on steep descents. The suspension system allows riders to absorb impacts and maintain traction on uneven surfaces, while the durable frame can withstand the rigors of intense riding.


Additionally, the bikes are equipped with high-quality gears that offer a wide range of options to handle any type of incline or obstacle. These features work together to create a smooth and safe ride on the most challenging trails.

Be Active in Hard Road of Nature

Be active in hard road of nature

Smooth Suspensions & Wide Tires

150 K + Bicycle Production Per Year

Strong Disk Brakers

Özaktaç Group has expanded its reach beyond Turkey by exporting bicycles to Greece and Romania. With a reputation for producing high-quality bicycles, Özaktaç has the potential to grow its exports to other countries and increase its global presence.


As the demand for bicycles continues to rise, Özaktaç's commitment to quality and innovation positions it well to capitalize on this growing market and establish itself as a leading player in the global bicycle industry.

We Activate the World

Özaktaç Global Network

35% - Greece

65% - Romania

Save the world at every stage

Save the World at Every Stage

Recyled products from scrap waste and plastics
Recycled products from scrap waste and plastics.
Cyclists are15 less likely to get sick than non-riders
Cyclists are 15% less likely to have health problems than non-riders.
Source: Insider
By cycling,you will reduce carbon emissions by 67% on per day
By cycling, you will reduce carbon emissions by 67% on per day.
Source: University of Oxford
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