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Bicycles & Scooters for Kids

Rookie is a brand that caters to the little ones who are just starting to explore the world on two wheels. With a range of bicycles and scooters, Rookie makes it easy for kids to get active and have fun while doing so. Their bikes are designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and durability, with features like adjustable seats and handlebars, sturdy frames, and easy-to-use brakes.


The scooters are also built to last, with lightweight designs that make them easy for young riders to handle, and safety features like anti-slip footplates and reliable brakes. With Rookie, kids can discover the joy of riding and gain confidence in their abilities, all while staying safe and having fun.

Rookie brand is designed for the little ones safety and comfort. One of the key features is the lightweight frame, which makes it easier for kids to handle and maneuver the bike or scooter. Additionally, the adjustable seat and handlebars allow for a comfortable and customized fit for children of different heights.


The brand also offers a range of fun colors and designs that appeal to kids, encouraging them to get outside and stay active. And with safety features such as sturdy brakes and durable tires, parents can feel confident in their child's safety while riding.

We Create Riders

4 Scooter & 3 Bicycle Concepts

150 K + Bicycle Production Per Year

Adjustable Height

Concept Stores are not just ordinary retail spaces, they are a destination for cycling enthusiasts and families alike. With tracks to ride on and botanical parts to feel the beauty of nature, these stores provide a unique and interactive shopping experience.


From beginners to experts, everyone can find something to enjoy in these stores. The presence of a cafe adds to the atmosphere, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment to spend quality time with family and friends. Whether you want to shop for bicycles or just have a cup of coffee, Concept Stores offer something for everyone. Come and discover the joy of cycling in a whole new way at these extraordinary stores.

Experience Fun in our Concept Stores

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