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Qumash is a brand that offers high-quality and stylish apparel for both men and women. The brand combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in a unique collection of clothing that is both modern and timeless.


From classic essentials to statement pieces, Qumash has something for every occasion. With a focus on quality materials and attention to detail, each piece is designed to be both comfortable and durable, ensuring that they can be worn time and time again. Whether you're looking for a new staple piece for your wardrobe or something to make a statement, Qumash has got you covered.

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Özaktaç Apparel, a subsidiary of Özaktaç Group, is committed to providing its customers with the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing apparel designs possible. To achieve this goal, Özaktaç Apparel carefully selects the finest fabrics and materials available on the market, with an emphasis on durability, breathability, and softness.


The company's designers work tirelessly to create unique and innovative designs that not only look great but also provide maximum comfort to the wearer. Whether it's a cozy sweater for a chilly day or a lightweight shirt for a summer afternoon, Özaktaç Apparel's commitment to quality and comfort is evident in every stitch.


With a wide range of options to choose from, Özaktaç Apparel is sure to have something that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

The Pursuit of Comfort and Style in Fabric Choices

The pursuit of comfort and style in fabric choices
Sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion

Recyled products from excess fabrics
Recycled products from excess fabrics.
Opportunity to bu better quality products at a affordable price
Opportunity to buy better quality products at a affordable price.
Optimal solutions in energy use for production
Optimal solutions in energy use for production.
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